Explanation of the Sky Tunnel Flexi-tube System

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The Sky Tunnel Flexi-tube System is made up of Two (2) Parts - Upper Ring and Flexi-tube.

The Upper Ring is manufactured from Stainless Steel, and has slots cut into the top edge. These slots match up to lugs on the Breather Frame, and with a simple twist the ring is attached to the Roof Parts.

The Flexi-tube is already attached to the Upper Ring, so the installation is very quick and simple. Once the roof parts are installed, with the Flexi-tube & Upper Ring already attached, the Flexi-tube is simply pulled through the ceiling frame and trimmed to an exact length.

To work out your required length of Flexi-tube, measure from the ceiling to the top of the rafters and add 0.2m and chose the next longest length in the price list.

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