• Department of Labor & Employment issues NEW guidelines on ventilation for workspaces +

    Contact SG Eco Industries to help get your workspace compliant. Read More
  • Customized Sky Tunnel for NZ Project +

    SG Eco makes customized Sky Tunnels with 3 x Ventilation Outlets for New Zealand. This unique system allows just one roof flashing for 4 separate items. Venting from 3 x separate rooms, and then also Read More
  • Data shows efficient energy saved 250m +

    The UK economy saved nearly £250m in fuel costs last year by generating its energy more efficiently, Government figures show. This saving is equivalent to the gas bills of more than 350,000 homes. The Digest Read More
  • 3 Energy Efficiency Myths Debunked +

    Common misconceptions about efficiency not only can increase energy use, but actually can end up costing consumers and business money. We all think we know about energy efficiency. We make an effort to turn off Read More
  • Ten Ways to Cut your Home Energy Bills +

    One of the simplest ways to cut your energy bills is by accessing free power.....check out SG Eco's Sky Tunnel and Green-Vent technologies for residential and commercial properties lighting and ventilation applications, all driven by Read More
  • Cheap Solar lamps help villagers keep their health, and cut emissions +

    (Article first published on: theguardian.com | May 5, 2015 by Katie Forster) Just further evidence of how solar lamps have helped improve the health of one community’s people, save on expensive and harmful fuel whilst reducing Read More
  • Families warm to solar power: Rising energy bills mean 60% of households are now considering installing panels +

    (Article First Published on: dailymail.co.uk | April 21, 2015) Demand is being fuelled by solar panels provided through 'rent-a-roof' Companies offer free installation in return for pocketing surplus energy pay Market researchers say demand for solar Read More
  • Employees without ‘Natural Light’ are More Stressed +

      (Article First Published on: humanresourcesonline.net | April 01, 2015) Want to reduce your team’s stress levels? Try giving them a seating spot with more access to natural light. Echoing earlier reports, a new study has Read More
  • Farms, Small Businesses Eligible for More Renewable Energy Assistance +

      Share the bounty! Subsidy-free! Harvest free energy and improve your lighting and ventilation by accessing our range of tried and tested and easy to install products, visit us at eco.ph (Article First Published on: Read More
  • UK on Track to Meet its Renewable Energy Targets +

      15% of the UK’s electricity came from renewable sources in 2013, according to new analyses. Photograph: Alamy     (Article First Published on: theguardian.com | February 24, 2015) UK is about halfway towards its commitment Read More
  • Why the Smart Money is looking at Clean Energy in Asia +

      Energy demand in Asia is rising – how to get yours for free. Visit us today at eco.ph!   (Article First Published on: eco-business.com | February 12, 2015) Driven by rising urbanisation and a growing Read More
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