Sheet Metal Fabrication

One of the main functions carried out in the SG Eco factory is sheet metal fabrication. Whether it be as simple as cutting down sheets, or something more complex, SG Eco can handle it. With a number of guillotines, press brakes, inclinable presses, rollers, spot welders, elbow machine, hydraulic presses and a cnc router, we have the machinery to make just about anything out of sheetmetal.

SG Eco Industries stock the following sheetmetal for production:

  • 0.45mm Stainless Steel – 430 Grade – Bright Annealed
  • 0.55mm Bluescope Zincalume
  • 0.75mm Bluescope Zincalume
  • 0.40mm Bluescope Colorbond “Surfmist”
  • 0.55mm Bluescope Colorbond “Nightsky”
  • 0.50mm Alanod Miro Silver Aluminium
  • 1.00mm Aluminium – Grade 5005 H31
  • 0.40mm Aluminium – Grade 3003 “White”

We can source other materials for custom fabrication purposes if required.

Rolling sheets or strips to a particular diameter

Pressing the sheetmetal to suit various products

Full assembly of sheetmetal products


Fabrication and assembly using many processes


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