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SG Eco sponsored Zero Carbon Resorts Project

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SG Eco collaborated with the Zero Carbon Resorts (ZCR) project last May 2012. ZCR through a progressive approach to the tourism industry in Palawan educates the industry operators in being energy efficient, in a sustainable and competitive way. The Replace Phase Conference, which was the title of the convention tackles replacing old technologies with more energy efficient ones. Fossil based technology is pursued and replaced by the green technology which is more sustainable and utilizes renewable energy.

SG Eco's environmental mission in utilizing renewable energy and consumption reduction coincides with Zero Carbon Resorts objective to reduce the carbon footprint of resorts and hotels. It is reflected in the products manufactured by the company which use natural energy to operate. Sky Tunnel tubular skylights use passive solar,the Green Vent Solar attic extraction fan uses solar panels and the Green Vent Wind, wind driven ventilator uses wind.

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